ACE-RU, with offices in Moscow, serves manufacturers wanting to market their products in countries within the Eurasian Customs Union.

Technical Regulations in the Customs Union

Support for machinery exports The Russian market represents an excellent opportunity for companies wanting to expand. However, legislative developments and technical regulations in the Customs Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan) require a systematic, conscious approach to the regulatory situation. Machinery exported to Russia must comply with the safety requirements found in the Union’s technical regulations. These are mandatory standards that establish the essential safety requirements for consumer products and industrial machinery. With the close collaboration between our technicians and ACE-RU, you can rely on our specific consultation service regarding Russian regulations.

The applicant. The manufacturer’s representative in the Customs Union

ACE-RU serves as the agent responsible for the certified product.
To place products and machinery on the Eurasian market, companies must appoint their own representative under Russian law, called the “applicant,” through an agent contract. The applicant acts as the manufacturer’s representative, responding before the authorities as to the conformity of the products pursuant to the requirements in the technical regulations, and answering for any possible damage caused by products placed on the market.

The responsibilities are defined in Art. 28 of Russian Federal Law no. 184-f3 of 12-27-2002, which stipulates that the agent, when requesting and obtaining an EAC certificate or declaration, becomes the person responsible for the certified product. At ACE-RU, we provide an agent service for Italian and foreign manufacturers who intend to export their products to Russia, ensuring the maximum protection and confidentiality of data related to proprietary know-how.

Technical and legal support for exporting to the Customs Union

At ACE-RU, our team supports companies throughout the export process. We have the expertise necessary to:

  • guide you towards appropriate design and technical choices to minimize the risks of the machinery and meet existing safety requirements
  • provide assistance in drafting the documentation required by the applicable technical regulations to obtain the EAC Declaration of Conformity and EAC Certification for hazardous machinery
  • follow the export process to Russia for used and spare machinery parts. To obtain permission, a negative opinion is required on the application for certification.

This document is presented to customs by the producer/manufacturer. It is issued by accredited certification bodies and certifies that the products identified in it are outside the scope of the technical regulations.

Technical documentation for export to Eurasia

A.C.&E. prepares technical documentation. Such documentation relates to:

  • Justification of Safety in compliance with GOST 33855-2019
  • Technical passports for electrical panels, pressure equipment, and industrial machinery
  • Risk analysis according to GOST 12100-2013
  • Classification of potentially explosive areas according to GOST 31438-20

Main regulations for exports to the Customs Union

  • CU TR 010/2011 Machine safety
  • CU TR 004/2011 Low voltage equipment
  • CU TR 020/2011 EMC
  • CU TR 032/2011 Pressure equipment
  • CU TR 016/2011 Gas-powered devices
  • CU TR 012/2011 Machine safety for explosive atmospheres

ACE-RU performs the following activities for companies exporting to Eurasia

  • Manufacturer representative
  • Support in drafting the Justification of Safety (GOST 33855)
  • EAC declarations of compliance
  • EAC certifications of compliance
  • Support in preparing technical documentation
  • Preparing technical passports for electrical panels and gas-powered devices in compliance with GOST standards
  • Support in drafting and issuing letters of exemption